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Janko layout from regular MIDI keyboard project bhairava a day ago
refactor config musiclib 2 days ago
# base12 intervals representation `125`: `12` octave + `5` semitones (octaves are also in base12) bhairava 2 days ago
make fast vertical piano roll using canvas and webmidi bhairava 3 days ago
use OPML instead of YAML for subscriptions rssfeed 11 days ago
Try to replace bisect in pitch with code from libmv find_slices libmv musiclib 11 days ago
Update `humanize` with timezone where needed todo-2 11 days ago
Necros / PM - StarChips - YouTube bhairava 15 days ago
Mubert: music powered by AI bhairava 15 days ago
tonic root note detection algorithm rawl/src/components/chiptheory/autoAnalysis.ts at master ยท vpavlenko/rawl bhairava 16 days ago