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TIL qBittorrent has RSS reader tools a day ago
TIL re.Pattern have search and match methods, so you can use them instead of, re.match python a day ago
# bhairava channel subscriptions - [Нескучный Саунд]( - bhairava tabs 3 days ago
davidbrochart/jpterm: Jupyter in the terminal python terminal 4 days ago
typeddjango/awesome-python-typing: Collection of awesome Python types, stubs, plugins, and tools to python 4 days ago
Jungle DnB music 4 days ago
The Best Way To Ear Train Intervals - YouTube bhairava 5 days ago
arabian riff - Google Search bhairava 5 days ago
Import from workflowy todo 5 days ago
Show HN: Koelsynth – a simple FM synthesis library | Hacker News bhairava dsp musiclib 5 days ago
databases README databases 5 days ago
tabs-2022-05-03_23-35-10 tabs 5 days ago
encode/databases: Async database support for Python. 🗄 databases python 5 days ago
encode/broadcaster: Broadcast channels for async web apps. 📢 python 5 days ago
Singleton Is a Bad Idea | Hacker News python 5 days ago
kk Lifestream persons 5 days ago
# ps1 - [zsh bash ps1 ps2 ps3 - Google Search]( terminal 5 days ago
Fun with DNS TXT Records | Hacker News networks python 5 days ago
how to `xfail` specific assert statement in pytest blog 5 days ago