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4682 бля попуститься и считать тупо последовательно без графов, сначала суть сделай, потом пайпланы можно 300 лет допиливать libmv 15 days ago
4299 use compressor from pedalboard libmv 2023 Aug 30 18:26
4877 Coltrane Pitch Diagrams: Wrapping notes around a torus | Hacker News libmv bhairava 2023 Aug 12 18:04
4876 Update this arrows map with all H, L, H +-1, +-2 libmv 2023 Aug 12 18:04
4875 make images with unique animals for every 2, 3-color combination and show it with scale on circle when pressed start small - subheader with unique number ID, or string name like cat, 'dog' libmv 2023 Aug 12 18:03
4874 use color and shape for 2 extra dimensions libmv 2023 Aug 12 18:03
4873 Move libmv templates to static folder. See dir structure on master branch libmv 2023 Aug 12 18:03
4872 move `spice_model` and `` to `data/models` directory libmv 2023 Aug 12 18:03
4871 left and right algo is ok because cant be true because at this point all slices >= min_lengh libmv 2023 Aug 12 18:02
4870 Replace diatonic combinations with numbers try to replace diatonic names combinations with numbers (distance in ct from major root ( from white note in current system) check is it possible to use sum or product instead of positional number of combination not works. you can just use concatenation, but it depends on order ( and order is not important in combination) actually it is important for inversions. figured bass ? libmv 2023 Aug 12 18:02
4869 add support for more precise roi green rect using arrow keys. edit rect x,y on browser side. Update stats/info using request. dont re-render full svg libmv 2023 Aug 12 18:01
4868 Local record watcher: rsync only files which size are not changed in the last 5 seconds libmv 2023 Aug 12 18:01
4867 fix js console errors in ROI (also check other pages) libmv 2023 Aug 12 18:01
4866 draw hexagonal grid on the whole screen video background (not only in the bottom of the screen) libmv 2023 Aug 12 18:00
4865 make hexagonal midi keyboard (pyqt) for qwerty keyboards libmv bhairava 2023 Aug 12 18:00
4864 Add vibro feedback for hex keyboard libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:59
4863 vocal midi player (any generic midi melody player) libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:59
4861 None libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:57
4860 [midi_server_ws] try fix asyncio threading overheat fix while True, CPU=100% load libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:56
4859 Sing only one vowel per record. Add vowel to metadata libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:56
4858 Take into account words with cropped beginning cut first 0.5 seconds and evaluate quality. because bad fade ins are common libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:56
4857 Add scatter plot page for different metrics libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:55
4856 ROI - add feature to play roi notes libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:54
4855 use caddy for static files libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:54
4854 Delete black and white keys from libmv videos. Use only scale colors/highlight libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:52
4853 try delete `torch.cuda.empty_cache()` seems to be ok because I run in subprocess. libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:52
4852 Короче юзать squares instead of hexagons for torus 3d model libmv bhairava 2023 Aug 12 17:51
4851 enable and fix mypy and pyright libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:51
4850 add grafana monitoring for tasks libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:50
4849 add time to words and plans pages libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:49
4848 Time range labels eg single note, some melody. all records with timestamp within the range should be processed according to the task type libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:48
4847 merge click commands from, and libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:48
4846 slice improvement If slice s1 intersected with s2 for more than 50% - keep longest, don't keep both. Or keep one with smaller std. Use post-processing functon to filter overlaping words. Ask ChatGPT again libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:47
4845 kinda dont work, test it ``` redis.hincrby(pipeline_resource.key, 'usage_current', -1) redis.publish(config.PIPELINE_STOP_CHANNEL, 'stop') # kinda dont work, test it ``` Also: you should decrease n_pipelines even if pipeline fails. (currently only success will decrease_ Probably you need to separate job_stop_channel and resource_freed channel. (No, because all job resources freed when job stops) libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:46
4844 add helper function to kill all pipelines libmv 2023 Aug 12 17:46
4843 Блин а мб просто учить все лады, мелодии итд на 1D чисто все по полутонам без второго измерения. Есть мнение что второе измерение ничего не дает для понимания особо. подсвечивать только не черные белые как на пианино, а юзатт всякие ладовые подсветки. можно юзать много разных ладов один над другим. типа гармонический, минор, мажор итд мрдно еще всякие аннотации добавлять поямняющие.мб всякие стрелки итд. ну м измерение для времени освобождается. libmv bhairava 2023 Aug 12 17:45
4839 Add priority to evaluation tasks libmv 2023 Aug 12 12:39
4838 fix negative duration of dagops tasks libmv dagops 2023 Aug 12 12:38
4837 Use htmx for partial rendering libmv 2023 Aug 12 12:37
4834 SpecificChord vocal player create a function to play any `SpecificChord` using vocal samples. pass `seconds` as argument. 1. Filter samples with correct `length >= seconds` and selected specific notes. 2. If there'are no samples for some note raise an error 2. Normalise each sample, add them together and compress. 3. Save numpy -> `Audio(data=arr)` 3. Play audiofile or repr audio in jupyter. Try to repr both `Audio` and svg piano libmv 2023 Aug 12 12:35
4833 use gitlab artifacts? libmv 2023 Aug 12 12:35
4832 controll job concurrency using several runners with different tags and concurency values Или не, сложно, лучше webhook юзать - но не через api а через exec libmv 2023 Aug 12 12:34
4680 tetrachords: сделай midi-web-version, use all subscales of all 12 scales (not only with C note) Можно также разделить не на 2 части октаву а на 3 и тогда 3D-слои должны быть Ну начать с того что ща есть libmv todo 2023 Jul 22 11:58
4679 use time.sleep polling instead of pub/sub. It's more robust libmv 2023 Jul 22 08:43
4662 Compute pitches only once for 1 record. Then crop f0 to find good words. without running algorithms on cropped audio. add config option to minimal crop duration seconds libmv 2023 Jul 16 13:05
4661 add tests for word slices functions libmv 2023 Jul 16 13:05
4660 evaluation: Make recursive splits (halving). Don't make window offsets - [x] find_slices - [x] group_slices - [ ] mapreduce, keep left and right from group. при условии что iou <= max_iou. Иначе возвращать largest interval. - [x] Write tests for my algorithm. give chatgpt my code and ask to optimize time complexity. (dont use pipe21, use only stdlib) - bad, it changed only minor stufff <details><summary>Click to expand</summary> </details> libmv 2023 Jul 16 13:04
4659 evaluation: add clip filter (return words that have error no more than N cents, e.g 50cents) libmv 2023 Jul 16 13:03
4658 evaluation: add extra suffix to word crops ids libmv 2023 Jul 16 13:02
4506 короче все же юзать оригинальный mlflow, не гитлабовский для libmv runs ### метрики которые логгировать для каждой записи / слова - evaluation metrics: rmse, std etc - duration seconds - note which is singed (or hz frequency) - vowel (aah, ooh, ee, ooh) etc - microphone - time of the day? - is vocal warmup done before and how long in seconds - kind of wocal warmup (ohe encoded) - weight? - sleep hours data from apple watch? - heart bpm from apple watch? - time from the beginning of vocal session (to check if there's correlation that чем дольше тем лучше попадаешь) libmv 2023 Jul 09 13:18
4500 - try use gitlab `shell` runner instead webhooklib - try use gitlab `trigger` keyword instead of webhooklib `curl --fail-with-body ${WEBHOOK_URL}` - probably this is not possible libmv gitlab 2023 Jul 09 10:24
4417 Delete red function from webhooklib. Use colorama inplace libmv issues 2023 Jun 25 09:49
4364 USE forced alignment for vocal pettarin/forced-alignment-tools: A collection of links and notes on forced alignment tools libmv dsp bhairava 2023 Jun 11 14:37
4357 send watch-upload files using libmv server (fastapi endpoint) instead of rsync libmv 2023 Jun 10 11:39