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4569 try Z3 solver for OpSeq (or some other SAT solver) - [Verifying GCC optimizations using an SMT solver | Hacker News]( algorithms tools opseq 8 days ago
5037 flat-scheduler: don't submit new processes. Instead use input data queue, processes should take data to run jobs from this queue opseq issues 8 days ago
5115 generate different patterns and play them musictool opseq 15 days ago
5132 support `parallel=True` opseq 15 days ago
5131 add tqdm progressbar opseq 15 days ago
5129 API Documentation — python-constraint 2.0.0b3 documentation короче хуже чем моя либа потому что нужно заранее domain указывать (все possible values for a variable). Нельзя произвольный callable чтобы на ходу генерилось. У меня можно хоть по API из интернета последующие значения получать opseq 15 days ago
5127 add more tests for test_lookback_constraint opseq 15 days ago
5126 test when len(prefix) == n (should return only one sequence == prefix opseq 15 days ago
5122 merge options_i and options_callable into options_callable (options_callable should also take index as arguement) opseq 16 days ago
5121 parallel mode is temporary disabled, todo: fix opseq 16 days ago
5116 support `OpSeq` `options_callable` without arguments (does not takes previous `Op = seq[-1]` - just generataes new (options_callable has no args) opseq issues 16 days ago
5120 try to split OpSeq classes with different args, or use some inheritance/mixins opseq 16 days ago
5118 add more tests opseq 16 days ago